There is a Right way:
A Science and Art to Learning English

At EduEdge, we know the right way to teach English because we are THE English Language Specialist.

Introducing our ‘Whole-Brain’ Approach

By using our proprietary ‘Whole-Brain’ Approach of English Learning and the Four Key Edges in our Teaching Methodology, your child will finally understand what is being taught and make great improvements in English.



Our Four Key Edges

Your child will have the exact know-how for English success using the Four Key Edges in our Teaching Methodology

Key Edge 1 The Formula-Style

Teaching Method™

The “Formula-Style Teaching Method” is a highly effective method to help your child learn English in a systematic, step-by-step manner using formula-style strategies. ANY student can apply these strategies immediately to see significant grade improvements for all Paper Components of the English Language. This means that your child can FINALLY find English to be a subject which is learnable, understandable and doable just like Maths or Science!


EduEdge’s Formula-style Learning Strategies will help your child to:


  • Tackle the Language Editing component competently using our SP³OTVCD™ approach to achieve at least 8 out of 10 marks, time and time again.
  • Elaborate paragraphs effectively with ideas that are Specific, Relevant and Creative for the Situational Writing component using the PIVEO™ method so as to capture the reading interest of the Cambridge marker.
  • Improve understanding when reading Comprehension Passages using the S.M.A.R.T.™ Reading System and answer the six levels of Comprehension Questions correctly by applying the 6L-Questioning Framework.
  • Blast through the Summary Writing section in 30 minutes or less and achieve at least 12 out of 15 marks using the A.S.A.P.™ technique.
  • Predict Levels 1, 2 and 3 questions accurately and Craft well-thought out responses for the Oral Spoken Interaction section to keep examiners highly interested in the conversation by applying PR3STO™.

… and many more useful strategies and tips revealed to help your child improve English.

Key Edge 2 Easy-To-Absorb Bite-Sized Knowledge

Easy-To-Absorb Bite-Sized Knowledge helps improve your child’s understanding almost immediately because they can easily relate to what is being taught via the ‘small chunks’ of Learning Edges that we impart to them. Your child will progressively master the skills sets to Ace  writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary, speaking and listening!

Key Edge 3 Unique W-I-S-Engagement Advantage

Unique W-I-S-Engagement Advantage to help your child share opinions with others to broaden their world-view and master communication of ideas in both the written as well as spoken forms. Your child will enjoy and look forward to coming for English lessons.

Key Edge 4 GROW Progress Monitoring System

GROW Progress Monitoring System equips your child with the exact areas for improvement and the precise actionable steps they must adopt to close the gap between their current grade and their ideal grade. We understand that no two child is ever the same. Hence, we have taken extra care and effort to customise the feedback to your child. Our GROW Progress Monitoring System tracks the learning progress of each and every student closely so you know exactly how your child is performing.