The EduEdge Story


My name is Edwin Edangelus Cheng.


My peers would know me as a former Subject Head (Curriculum Innovation) endorsed by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the youngest school-appointed teacher to have helmed the English Department in the school I was attached to.


I’m also one of the few teachers in the teaching fraternity who is ‘Research Activist’ certified with a Certificate of Completion conferred by our Permanent Secretary (Education). My research paper, which looks at using commercial advertisements to increase students’ reading and critical thinking skills, was also published on the MOE EduMall site.


Since 2010, my team and I have personally coached a total of 512 local and international students (and still counting) to new academic heights for their GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level examinations. They learnt the skills and strategies needed, and applied them consistently to achieve a +1 to +5 grade improvement in English Language – some in 4 months or less – using our unique learning system.


My Journey To Exceptional English Grades


My search for a way to learn English began back when I was a student.


Back in my schooling days, I was the typical Singaporean student who was excelling in my Mathematics and Sciences but never in English Language.


My English teachers’ common responses when I asked them for help were either:


“You need to feel the language” or “You are not practising enough!”


But I WAS practising and ploughing through tons of English assessment books!


Sadly, it did not help me at all…


That’s why I understand the uphill challenges and frustrations your child feels when trying to learn English because I too had been in their shoes.


The breakthrough in mastering English came only after my National Service Stint when I enrolled in the Arts and Social Sciences, rather than the expected route of Mathematics and Science, in University.


My background in both the Sciences and Languages provided me with the academic advantage to conceptualise a more structured approach to understanding, learning and mastering the English Language.


With this thought utmost in my mind and heart, I have fine-tuned this teaching methodology, and codified them into a ‘Formula-Style’ Learning System so that any student with EduEdge, including your child, can FINALLY find English to be a subject which is ‘learnable’, ‘understandable’ and ‘doable’ just like Maths or Science!


And I know that this learning system works because this is exactly how I used it to transform my English grades from average ‘C’s (Secondary School) and ‘B’s (Junior College) to an ‘A’ at the University level!

This is also the same method we used to help hundreds of our students achieved at least a 2 or more grade improvement, with more than half of them scoring B3, A2 or A1 for their GCE national exams.


That’s why many students and parents are raving that EduEdge is the Right English programme for them.