Dear concerned parents,
we understand your pain

Are you still not seeing much improvement in your child’s English Language grades?
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Tired of tuition hopping?

While there are many tuition centres to choose from, the main concern for every parent is to find the right tuition centre which will help your child improve.

Did you know?

80% of Singaporeans

believe that tuition is beneficial to their children’s education

but only…

1 out of 5 parents

think that they may have found the right tuition centre

Source: A monthly update on Singaporean Attitudes – Private Tuition in Singapore: A White Paper Release (July, 2012), published by Blackbox Research Pte Ltd)

Here’s the scary reality…

Most parents who send their children for English tuition pay hundreds of dollars every single month, only to see little or no improvements in their children’s results.

  • We know how painful it is to see all that hard-earned money just disappear like that (we have a family too)
  • You don’t mind spending a little bit more if the English Tuition works.
  • You’re sick and tired of changing tutor after tutor or hearing your child complain to you that they dread going for tuition.
  • You face countless nights worrying about your child failing their English exams and being retained for another year.

The well-kept secrets of

the tuition industry

It’s not your fault if you did not know that…


Most tuition centres or tutors do NOT have a structured curriculum or teaching methodology when teaching English to your child

More often than not, it’s hastily put together “curriculum materials” photocopied from assessment books. Such practices are often adopted as a matter of convenience. With the introduction of the new English Syllabus, many more tuition centres are thrown off-balance and are scrambling to put something “decent” together.

Additionally, these centres haven’t a clue as to how they should teach English –
it’s probably just worksheet supervision or a drill-and-practice approach to teaching.

It’s no wonder that your child complains that the lessons are dead boring!

How can your child even improve when the quality of the curriculum resources is sub-standard?

How can your child understand what is being ‘taught’ when there is no teaching methodology to support your child’s learning?

Obviously, your child is not benefitting in any way…



Most tuition centres which offer English tuition are NOT
qualified English ‘specialists’

This is worth repeating…

The tutors at most tuition centres are NOT English Language Specialists.

Chances are, many of their tutors are neither NIE-trained nor English-Certified and have not undergone any form of training to teach your child English. Many of these tutors are also just part-timers looking to earn some extra pocket money.

This means that the quality of teaching is highly questionable.

Honestly, the last thing you would want is a baby-sitter overseeing your child just doing ‘work-sheeting’. This is an unsettling thought for any parent.

You definitely won’t want to take any risk with these unqualified tutors, knowing fully well that English is an L1 compulsory subject which can affect your child’s admission options for Junior College or Polytechnic.

You know deep down in your heart that your child is fully capable of much better grades in English – but only with the support of a proven learning system.

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